Top 5 Benefits of Dedicated Web Hosting

Choosing the right web hosting service is essential when launching and maintaining a website. If the host isn’t equipped to handle your site’s current and future needs, you’ll encounter performance problems like bandwidth bottlenecks, slow load times, outages and more. While there are several types of hosting services available, however, those that use dedicated servers offer the highest performance for the following reasons.

1. Cybersecurity

According to Google’s State of Website Security, 32 percent more websites were hacked in 2016 than in 2015. As a webmaster, you can strengthen your site’s security by using a dedicated web hosting service. Unlike shared servers, a dedicated server’s resources are restricted to a single customer, making them more difficult to hack.

2. Unique IP Address

With a dedicated server, you’ll get your own unique internet protocol (IP) address. Every web server has an IP address. If you use a shared server, your site will have the same IP address as everyone else on the server. But if you choose a dedicated server, your site will have a unique IP address.

3. Dedicated Resources

Of course, you’ll also have exclusive access and use to the server’s resources when using a dedicated hosting service. With shared and VPS hosting, resources are shared among customers. Granted, VPS hosting offers virtual dedicated resources, but you aren’t given the server’s full resources. This is in stark contrast to dedicated hosting, however, where customers have complete, exclusive use of the server’s resources. If you are looking for more information, you may be interested in checking out Cirrus Hosting Tech Ltd..

4. Higher Search Rankings

Using dedicated server hosting improve may even improve your site’s search rankings. Neither Google nor Bing uses web hosting in their ranking algorithm. They do, however, look at speed, ranking fast-loading sites higher than slow-loading sites. And because dedicated web hosting is the fastest type of hosting, it may indirectly boost your site’s rankings in the search engines.

5. Root Access

Finally, dedicated servers typically offer root access, meaning you can change and optimize your server on the lowest possible level. Shared hosting, on the other hand, doesn’t offer root access. You can still make changes to your server, but there are greater restrictions in doing so.

The only real downside to dedicated web hosting is the cost. It typically costs more than shared and VPS hosting, but most webmasters will agree that it’s well worth the cost. Dedicated web hosting provides stronger security, unique IP addresses, dedicated resources, higher search rankings and root access.


4 Things to Consider Before Getting an Online Loan

Sometimes, no matter what else happens in life, you just need some cash quickly. Whether the car breaks down, or there is an unexpected medical expense, or something else you didn’t plan on occurs, it’s nice to know that there are places where you can get installment loans relatively quickly and easily. But how do you know which lender to select?

Search for online personal loans in Google and you will get all sorts of results. Choosing the right lender for you is crucial because you will not only have to pay this lender back, but you will have given the lender your personal information and you want to make sure it’s protected. Here are a few things to look for and think about when selecting an online personal loans lender.

1. Look at the interest rate or fees

Depending on your credit situation, this may or may not be a dealbreaker for you. If you have bad credit and need cash quick, you might be willing to take whatever loan someone will throw your way. Be careful if this is true. Some lenders, like LendUp, start you out with a small loan amount, but have a flat rate to pay back. A $200 loan will cost you $235 to pay back, and that’s within two weeks. Make sure you can do that before agreeing to it.

2. Make sure you understand the repayment terms

It can be so easy to get a loan online that you don’t realize the loan is due in a week and you’ll owe a bit more than you borrowed. Read the fine print and don’t just click “Accept” when the terms and conditions are presented to you. Understand what happens if you don’t pay the money back on time as well. You may be able to find more resources and insights at the Northcash website.

3. Investigate Peer to Peer lending

These groups are made up of investors who want a good return on their money, so they pool it in a lending club. Then you, the applicant, convinces them to loan you the money for whatever reason. They can invest in you and get a return, which is basically the interest rate you pay on top of the money you receive.

4. Make sure the site you borrow from is secure

How horrible would it be to find out that not only is the site you borrowed from getting your money, but they also sell your information — or worse, are easily hacked. Check the site out for online reviews, and research the company on your own. When you enter critical information into the website, make sure that the “http” at the top of the browser is really an “https.” This means they have an authentic security certificate.

Online lending can be a blessing in a tough time, but be smart about how you use online personal loans and you will benefit as much as the company.

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Top 5 Commercial Uses for Steel Buildings

Prefabricated metal buildings have become one of the most popular construction options for various types of businesses. One of their most popular features is that they’re more affordable than buildings made of other materials. However, they’re also highly resistant to the elements and adaptable for many different uses. Here are the top 5 commercial uses for steel buildings.

1. Construction Security Office

Construction projects can sometimes go on for months or years. Strict security is necessary at these sites, due to the expensive equipment and materials that can be found laying around. With this in mind, a prefabricated security office seems like a pretty smart investment. It allows guards to keep an eye on every person or vehicle that enters the site without worrying about going over budget.

2. On-Site Office

It can be difficult for contractors and project managers to get any work done when they’re traveling back and forth between an office and a construction site. Modular buildings make it easier to set up an office on-site without spending too much. This provides contractors, workers and managers with an indoor place to meet, plan and assess their progress.

3. Car Dealership

Car dealerships have somewhat different needs from other types of businesses. They require wide-open spaces with very large doors to get vehicles in and out of their showrooms, while providing unobstructed views of them. They also need offices, lounges, and restrooms, like any other business. Steel buildings provide a safe structure under which inventory can be stored without the roof caving in during a seismic event.

4. Fun Center

Modular buildings also make great fun centers for kids. Problems with wind and rain are known to create problems for anyone using a bounce house outdoors. A better solution is to set up several of them indoors, under a large prefabricated building. Floor space isn’t a problem, since there aren’t any support columns to get in the way. There’s even room for miniature golf courses, swing sets and waiting rooms for parents.

5. Commercial Garage

Another important use for metal buildings involves storing commercial vehicles. If you have large trucks to store, steel garages are hard to beat. A prefab garage can protect your vehicles year-round, whenever they’re not in use. Since they can be designed with high ceilings, even dump trucks can be stored indoors or worked on with their beds up. Steel garages are also one of the best ways to ensure that your commercial vehicles are safe from thieves and vandals.

These are just some of the many commercial uses for prefabricated steel buildings. They’re affordable, durable and expandable, making them attractive to virtually any business anticipating growth. In today’s fast-moving world, this makes them one of the most flexible options available. For additional resources, you may be able to learn more at the Future Buildings website.

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Five Occasions for Corporate Gift Boxes

Corporate gift boxes are boxes that you can give to people on various occasions to let them know that you care for them. They can have various items in them like candies, cigars, teas or something else. The following are five occasions that would be appropriate for you to give someone personalized corporate gifts:

1. A Promotion

A job promotion is definitely something that someone needs to celebrate. You can celebrate the promotion of one of your coworkers by buying that person a corporate gift box with some wine or champagne. A nice, bubbly bottle of champagne would be perfect for celebrating this person’s victory. The box that you order could be crafted of fine wood to give it an elegant appearance, as well. The one that you decide to buy depends on how close you are to the recipient, your budget and the message that you would like to convey. For additional resources, visit Ekan Concepts inc.

2. A Retirement

A retirement is a perfect time to give someone a gift box that thanks to that person for his or her years of service. Wine or cigars are probably the best gifts to give a person who is retiring. Both gifts are highly dignified and likely for an older person to use.

3. A Merger

A merger is a business deal between two entities that decide to become one. Such an event is the perfect time to shower someone with a mixed variety of something. You can buy some mixed nuts for the individual. Mixed tea packets are also a great idea, as well. You can even see if you can find apples and oranges to give the person.

4. A Holiday

Holidays are times when anything goes when it comes to giving gifts. Your gift will be awesome no matter what you do. Send someone a fruit box with dried bananas and grapes. Send some chocolates since it tastes so good. Send a box of pens to someone who has to write a lot. Someone will adore your gift.

5. An Awards Ceremony

Finally, an awards ceremony can be a great time to give someone a corporate gift box. The gift box can signify the person’s achievements. Little chocolate medals can be a good symbol of the person’s awards and recognition. You can make the gift even more special by putting it in a monogrammed box for the award winner. That will put an extra personal touch on it, and probably put a smile on the person’s face.

Corporate gift boxes can be appropriate for a variety of situations as you can see. Don’t hesitate to order one and send it to your boss, coworker, business acquaintance or someone else that you want to make an excellent impression on.


5 Signs You May Have a Case Against Your Employer

When you work for an employer, you are general under that company’s control. This means that you have to work the hours that you are assigned, conform to any dress code that may be in place and other adhere to company policies. However, an employer may not institute rules or take other actions that may discriminate against you or create a hostile working environment. How do you know if your company has violated the law?

1. You Feel Uncomfortable Around Your Colleagues

If you fear coming to work or dread working around certain people, it may constitute a hostile working environment. In other words, your working conditions are hostile to your best interests as they pertain to being a productive employee. This may occur because someone is sexually harassing you, is threatening your physical safety or is spreading rumors about you to others.

2. You Get Questionable Written or Verbal Warnings

It is possible for even the best employees to find themselves on the wrong end of a verbal or written warning. However, if you are admonished after reporting harassment or otherwise complaining to management, it may be an act of retaliation by your employer.

This is generally illegal, and you should use it as evidence if you file a formal compliant with a government agency or decide to file a lawsuit. An employment lawyer may also wish to see your personnel file to help bolster your wrongful termination or unfair dismissal case.

3. Your Employer Won’t Let You File a Formal Complaint

As a formal complaint could be used as evidence in a case where you believe that your work rights were violated, a company may simply refuse to let you file a complaint. It may also try to alter any complaint that you do make in an effort to make it seem like it has any alleged workplace issues under control. In the event that you don’t think that your employer would let you file a complaint, ask someone to come with you as you make that attempt. That way, you have proof that your efforts were rebuffed.

4. You Aren’t Allowed to See the Company’s Written Harassment Policy

An employer is generally required to have a harassment policy in writing. However, this doesn’t mean that the company is going to let you see it. In many cases, it is designed to protect management from liability in a lawsuit as opposed to being a meaningful policy to help protect workers. Therefore, not being able to see this policy should be a red flag that something is wrong.

5. Your Manager Gives an Illegal Reason for Termination

If you are lucky, your employer will give you a reason as to why you were terminated even if employment law in Canada forbids it. While most employers will try to give a generic reason as to why you may have been terminated or dismissed, some may believe that they are above the law. In some cases, they may not know the law well enough to avoid making such a mistake. If possible, try to record or get transcripts of any conversations that you have with HR or anyone else who gives you an official reason for firing you.

If your employer violates employment law, you could be entitled to compensation. You may also be entitled to have your job back if you want it. Punitive damages and other relief may also be available. Ideally, you will file a lawsuit or take other action as soon as possible to resolve the matter in a timely manner. You may be interested in Whitten & Lublin if you want more information.

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4 Tips for Choosing a Commercial Litigation Attorney

Like visiting a doctor, litigation is rarely fun but necessary. It often drains your time, lays an interface with your business, disrupts your normal life, and can intercept a substantial emotional and monetary toll. If you are forced to walk the road to litigation, one of the most important decisions to make is to choose the best travel guide. On many occasions, commercial litigation lawyer will lead the way. You need a skilled attorney as well as one who is compatible with your case. Let’s look at the following g tips to choosing the best commercial litigation lawyer.

1. The Attorney’s Qualifications

The main thing to look for in the attorney of your choice is the level of experience in the area of law involved in your case. Take your time to review the qualifications of your attorneys. If your case will proceed to trial, ensure that the attorney has enough experience in this trial experience. Many of these business litigations settle before they proceed to trial because of the good work of a corporate debt collection agency. Don’t choose the recently licensed attorney because they have limited courtroom experience.

2. The Strengths and Weaknesses of your Case

Every business owner facing business litigation in court deserves an honest situation assessment for debt recovery. It is good to have an accurate evaluation of your case even if it is difficult to hear instead of getting let down later. Pick up your things and leave if your commercial litigation lawyer tells you to throw away your case. There are no fake cases. This is because it is uncertain that the case will be taken before a jury, judge or an arbitrator. The judicial process, like the people running it, is sometimes unpredictable and imperfect. For those of you interested, Elliot S. Birnboim has more information available on their website.

3. The Cost of a Jury

When commencing litigation, it’s better to decide if it makes sense economically or settles faster. If you have a $60,000 dispute, you never want to spend an amount close to that on dispute resolution. The lawyer you consider should provide an estimate based on the worst case evaluation and the best case scenario. This will help you develop your initial case strategy as well as deciding on the attorney to hire.

4. Who Handles Your Case

In a case when you met a lawyer who impresses you with their capabilities. You retain that attorney. You must consider inquiring if your case will be relegated to an associated lawyer who is less experienced. Unless you ask, you cannot know for sure. While legal research can be done cheaper by the less experienced attorneys, ensure you make an upfront clear up.

These tips are not exhaustive. In this case, ensure you ask your attorney any question no matter how big or small it is.

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6 Daily Mascot Cleaning Tips

Regular upkeep is part of owning a mascot costume in this industry. Therefore, it has all to include daily cleaning of the mascot costume. Without the necessary cleaning schedules for your mascot costumes, your custom mascots will grow to become unsanitary. Moreover, cleaning also increases the lifespan of the costumes. Because they mascot costumes are made uniquely, you may not understand the proper mascot costume techniques until you learn from a reputable source of information. The following is a brief list of the cleaning techniques and tips you can use to keep the mascot costume look great at all times. Moreover, you can use it to increase the longevity of the uniform.

1. No Dry cleaning

When you want to clean your dirtied mascot costume, you must understand that the costume will increase its lifespan with hand cleaning. Dry cleaning, with its use of intense heat as well as chemicals, will result in damage to the mascot costume. Once this mascot costume has been subjected to heat and chemical damage in this way, it can be damaged permanently. This often leads to expensive repairs. In some cases, it also leads to requiring a new costume for your work.

2. Cleaning Foam Parts

The feet, the head, and the bodies of all mascot costumes always come with the rigid form components. In most cases, they are also covered with some fabric for protection. Any part of this costume that is considered as rigid will be cleaned by the hand. This is the best way to protect them from being damaged as well as increase their longevity. A soft bristle brush, warm water, and mild detergent are one of the most effective methods to clean the mascot costume. One of the best cleaning devices that can be used to remove excess water from the mascot costume is the wet-vac. Ensure you walk with a portable stain wipe and remover to clean it in the case of emergencies. There are additional resources at Hogtown Mascots Inc., which may help you learn more information.

3. Machine Washing

When you are washing the parts of the mascot costume such as the jumpsuit, clothing, and gloves, ensure you wash them with the use of cold water coupled up with a cold detergent as well as a gentle wash cycle. Aside from decreasing wear and preventing damage on the mascot costume fabrics, you can use this method as a way of minimizing color bleeding or discoloration.

4. Drying Methods

When you want to dry the mascot costume for your next episode, it is advisable to hang it to dry. This is one of the most effective methods, as well as safe, that is used to prevent any form of damage. It can also be used to prevent shrinkage that is as a result of drying. In such cases, it is best to use it to reduce color loss. Most of the mascot costumes can rip, melt, or become knotted when they are subjected to the dryer. If you are certain that your costume can be safe in the dryer, however, use the no heating or low setting.

5. Brushing

After drying the costume, ensure you brush it to keep fleece and fur areas to look at their best. You can make use of a pet brush because it works best for the mascot costumes. Because you can damage the mascot costume, don’t be overly rush or in a hurry.

6. Disinfecting

Ensure you engage in disinfecting areas where the skin of the performer is in contact with the mascot costume. This includes the head, the mouth, the feet, the hands, and other parts in the mascot customes. Name the wipes and sprays that can be useful to clean these areas. Use the dryer sheets if it smells bad on those areas.

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8 Benefits of Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts receivable financing has been a long-standing practice for small and sometimes large businesses everywhere. It gives the company an ability to be creative with their limited finances and particularly for new businesses to pay their own bills and keep their doors open during the crucial early years. Here are 8 benefits of accounts receivable financing.

1. Maintain cash flow

Accounts receivable financing allows many small businesses to maintain cash flow while they are awaiting payments from their customers. One way it works is by selling their outstanding invoices or accounts receivable to another company who pays the business and collects the debt.

2. Get paid right away

With accounts receivable financing the business gets paid fast, without having to wait the 60 to 90 days that payments may normally take. The only waiting is the time it takes to set up that accounts receivable financing and the minutes it takes to process the invoices.

3. Great for start-ups

This type of arrangement is ideal for companies that are just starting out because cash is short supply and credit is even scarcer. The bank won’t likely lend any more money and they need all available cash for operating purposes.

4. Good for all kinds of business

But accounts receivable financing isn’t just for start-up enterprises. Some large corporations like it because it’s more cost-effective for them than to employ an in-house army to collect on their invoices. There are very few industries or sectors who do not use or consider using accounts receivable financing.

5. Allows business to grow

Accounts receivable financing allows a small business to support, build and grow their customer and client base. As the business grows, it’s ability to raise its accounts receivable financing limits allows them to maintain their collection rates as their income rises.

6. Doesn’t damage credit rating

Maintaining good relations with the banks and their suppliers is very important to new businesses. Accounts receivable financing will never diminish or damage their credit rating because the only credit at stake is with the people who owe money on the invoices.

7. Fees but no repayment

The way that accounts receivable financing works is that the buying company pays out 80 percent of the invoice to the small business and then collects from the customer. Once they receive full payment, they send along the other 20 percent minus their factoring fees.

8. Frees up cash for other purposes

Accounts receivable financing frees up cash to expand current production or hire and train new staff. Those are key elements of building a great business and accounts receivable financing makes that possible. If you visit the FundThrough website, you may be able to find more information.

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Understanding Short Term Apartment Rentals

Renting a short-term apartment that is fully furnished with kitchenware, bathroom, and bedroom closets is better than staying in a hotel room where you feel like a guest all the time. Regardless of whether you are renting furnished apartments for business or pleasure, here are some vital points you should know:

Why you should use short term rental apartment

When traveling for business trips or for personal reasons, it’s more advantageous to consider a vacation rental or short term corporate apartment rather than staying in a hotel room. Renting an apartment makes sense for people with flexible living arrangements like students who are between leases.

The perks that come with staying in a short term apartment are way far better for a vacationer than the housekeeping or continental breakfast amenities that come with staying in a hotel room. If you’re business traveler who is traveling for a conference or relocating for a few weeks, consider staying in a short term rental apartments.

What You Get

• The extras

When you stay in short term rental apartment you stand to enjoy perks such as extra space, fitness centers, personal washer, and dryer. It’s not easy to find such kind of perks in a hotel room. In fact, if you’re traveling on a budget, you should also choose the short term apartment option because it will enable you to cook your foods in the furnished kitchen. Moreover, the outdoor patio and balcony will give you free space to grab some fresh air while staying at the apartment unlike you could if you chose a hotel room.

• Cheaper prices

Hotel prices can be very pricey, especially for people who are staying at their destinations for a long period. An apartment can charge up to $1,000 for a month-long stay, which is an equivalent of what a hotel will charge you for a week’s stay. The apartment will enable you to save a few quick bucks that you can spend on other things during your trip.

• Location

Staying in a hotel room means that you’ll be staying in a commercial environment with restaurants full of fast foods. An apartment will enable you to immerse yourself in the cool environments of the city with trendy parks and laid-back restaurants. The information at Premiere Suites is useful and can provide you with additional insights.

How to choose the right apartment

Make certain that you understand all the policies before you sign any contract because every rental apartment has its unique way of operation. Remember that a hotel room has a concierge desk that is open around-the-clock for constant customer service but the apartments don’t offer that extra. Hence you need to square out all the details concerning your arrival and where to pick the keys.

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How Microsoft Azure Can Aid Small Businesses

In this highly competitive era, North American small businesses must embrace technical innovation if they hope to achieve lasting success. Time after time, we have seen how companies that cling to outdated technologies can lose their corporate edge. Currently, one of the best ways to stay contemporary is to utilize Microsoft Azure, which is Microsoft’s rapidly growing platform for cloud services. To adapt to using Azure, small businesses have to learn a variety of new methodologies and modes of thinking. In most cases, this should require only a modest investment of time and effort. Before the advent of the managed public cloud, it often proved highly challenging for companies to keep up with their evolving storage needs in a cost-effective manner. Azure allows for fine-tuning in a way that benefits small businesses inordinately.

As we have seen already, mobile applications have the potential to greatly refine and strengthen the Canadian economy. One of the main advantages of integrated cloud services is greater enterprise mobility. Small businesses can use mobility to more than offset any deficits in budgetary or structural capacity. For example, employees can use cloud-based applications to work from home when deadlines are looming. Additionally, people can use mobile applications to quickly answer questions during meetings with clients and potential clients. For more information, visit Carbon60 Networks and learn more from the available resources.

Greater Mobility With Azure
As many commentators have argued, giving your employees the ability to work anywhere can greatly improve the productivity of your team. More than ever before, companies can now rely on remote data centers to for reliable, uninterrupted access. These options are particularly useful when companies require industry-specific applications. Unlike less flexible cloud platforms, Azure is totally scalable. On an ongoing basis, clients pay for exactly what they use and nothing more. If the client uses more services than usual during one billing period, this is reflected in the next billing. Conversely, lighter usage results in a lower bill. By using a sliding scale for billing, Microsoft helps small businesses ensure that their IT solutions are matched with their needs. Since Azure allows you to use open source technologies when you need to, this is an incredibly diverse dichotomy for IT services.

Because it relies on Microsoft’s outstanding network of data centres, Azure is a rock-solid platform that you can trust without qualm. These days, Microsoft has used Azure to regain its reputation for cutting-edge technical fluency. Any company that is in the market for data centre management should certainly investigate what Azure management has to offer.